Dance time 댄스타임 / water crayon, pen on paper

I always think about self-protection 나는 언제나 호신술을 생각한다 /  oil pastel, pencil on paper

K-summer heat 한국더위 / acrylic on paper

Love is pulling and pushing 사랑은 밀고 당기기 / water color, pen on paper

Cold 몸살감기 / acrylic, pen on paper

Strengthening my strength 체력단련 / water color pencil, pencil, oil pastel on paper

patting a giant cat 거대 고양이 쓰다듬기 / oil pastel,permanent pen on paper

Practicing flexibility 유연성 연습 / oil pastel,water color,pen on paper

Day time 낮 / oil pastel on paper

An exciting night 흥분되는 밤 / pen,water pencil,crayong,marker on paper

Boring pain 지루한통증 / oil color,marker on paper

Leaving the hospital 병원을 벗어나는 모습 / oil color on paper

The forrest of revealing 임금님 귀는 당나귀 귀의 숲 / oil color,marker on paper

Party/파티 oil pastel on paper

Purging : Salamander and Banana 정화 : 도롱뇽과 바나나 / oil pastel on paper

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Pul Lee